Depeche Mode Fest + The Smiths/Morrissey Fest Video Dance Party Special Event Flyer
Depeche Mode Fest + The Smiths/Morrissey Fest Video Dance Party
November 18, 2017
**This will also be the birthday celebration of DJ LAZARUS**
OSAZE TURNS 40 w/ Matt Hart (UK) & DJ Darq Special Event Flyer
OSAZE TURNS 40 w/ Matt Hart (UK) & DJ Darq
August 18, 2017
Spike Fridays and Darq Production Presents, OSAZE'S 40TH BIRTHDAY BASH!

When a Bread Loaf creates a Vault Tek Special Event Flyer
When a Bread Loaf creates a Vault Tek
July 30, 2017
Teddykat thought of many ways to express the her feelings to her Radioactive lover. THEN, it hit her...What better way to do so, than to throw him a kickass birthday party?! With the theme capturing the essence of Randy's two favourite videogames, dive into the explorative blocky world of Minecraft and the intense atmosphere of Fallout.

birthday love people
AmBASSadors Special Event Flyer
June 18, 2017
So let's go ahead and celebrate my 22nd Birthday in style!
My actual birthday is June 16th, but you know... We can have fun a few days after.
Noize Therapy Special Event Flyer
Noize Therapy
June 4, 2017
This year. Ive decided to throw myself a little birthday bash. And everyones invited. 

Go Luck Yourself: Atomic Soundwave Special Event Flyer
Go Luck Yourself: Atomic Soundwave
May 7, 2017
Along with celebrating ASW's re-vitalization we are also celebrating some VERY IMPORTANT BIRTHDAYS!!! Make sure to wish; Cynthia Legault & Bojan Balta a happy birthday! By the way if you haven't guessed it by now, there is a theme for the night and it is a real winner! No is it's Charlie Sheen.... Our NEW theme is about all things VEGAS! ;D (get the joke?) 

happy birthday
CAP'N MORGAN: Panda Tribute Special Event Flyer
CAP'N MORGAN: Panda Tribute
March 28, 2017
Once again Panda Co. Is bringing you the ULTIMATE in birthday celebrations.
This time it's for everyone's good friend 
Panda Bday Bash Special Event Flyer
Panda Bday Bash
November 13, 2016
Panda Co is a dummy company made specifically to throw birthday events for friends and fham in the GTA.

birthday lineup smoke hardstyle drinking dancing all ages
WiGGLY: Canada D'Eh! Special Event Flyer
WiGGLY: Canada D'Eh!
June 30, 2016
put on your Red's & Whites and join us on the EVE of our nation's birthday at the historic 550 Queen St West venue
Featuring 2 rooms and 2 sounds :)
art family deco live bar band birthday
Lions and Tigers and Hardcore Special Event Flyer
Lions and Tigers and Hardcore
April 22, 2016
Welcome back! Another hardcore rave from Bad Touch Productions for your partying enjoyment. This month we are celebrating Ruby Tuesday's birthday. Come out, dance, be mirthful and join us all in the celebration of life.

rave hardcore club birthday