nocturne [nok-turn] : a work of art, especially music, inspired by the night

Nocturne is available for booking a wide variety of special events and thematic parties. Our unique two room configuration supports a wide variety of events, ranging from nightclub events to private parties, film screenings, music video shoots, and much more. Please contact us for more information about how to book an event at our venue.
Capacity: Main Room = 150, Side Room = 80
Phone: 1 (888) 554-3322
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Dance the night away in two rooms!

Dance Parties / Club Nights

Two rooms of music and dancing in an intimate atmosphere make Nocturne a popular club in downtown Toronto, best known for underground/alternative/niche music, live or electronic and anywhere in-between.

Intimate concerts with great sound and visuals!

Live Bands

Few venues in Toronto offer great live music AND dancing. For decades, Queen West has been the focal point of live music in Toronto, and Nocturne hosts hundreds of great live bands every year. We are best known for live electronic, but cater to all types of niche music.

Get dressed for success!

Theme Parties

Nocturne is well-known for throwing amazing theme party events any time of year. You are welcome to decorate the venue to suit your event.
We can work with a wide variety of corporate sponsors to help support your special event.

We love fashion as much as you do!

Fashion Shows

Fashion and music go hand in hand. Located in the heart of Toronto's famous fashion district on Queen Street West, there is no better place to show off your trendsetting fashion designs!
We have a runway, red carpet, velvet rope stanchions, and everything else you need to make your fashion event a big success.

Celebrate your special day with us!

Birthdays & Private Parties

Whether you are planning a small event or a big celebration, we can make it happen. We can provide time for you to decorate and setup for no charge, and we also allow outside catering.
Our main room can accommodate over 150 people, while the.side room can host private parties up to 80 people.
Bottle service, wine and champagne glassware, movable tables, separate DJ booth, and much more is available to accommodate your event.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Film Parties

We love to work with film festivals and producers to showcase and celebrate filmmaking, especially for niche genres and special interest groups.
Our venue is well-equipped with an impressive video infrastructure throughout the venue. All you need is a DVD or USB media stick and we can fill the room with your videos!
Our side room is well-suited as a screening room with large projection screen and ample seating available upon request.

We proudly support local music producers!

Music Videos

For minimal cost, we will make our venue available for your film crew to make amazing music videos. We have a wide variety of equipment and lighting to help even small production budgets go far.
To see some of the great music videos that have been filmed at our venue, please click here.