CHRYSALIDE / Nanochrist / Peter Turns Pirate @ NOCTURNE >> SAT JUN 28, 2014
 CHRYSALIDE / Nanochrist / Peter Turns Pirate
SAT JUN 28, 2014 @ NOCTURNE >> CHRYSALIDE brings their intensity to Toronto as the take to the stage at Nocturne!  [details below]

CHRYSALIDE brings their intensity to Toronto as the take to the stage at Nocturne!

Specials Guests Peter Turns Pirate and Nanochrist
Plus DJ Nomad from RvB - Red vs Blue.

8pm Door | 19 plus
$12 in advance or $15 at the door
Advanced Tickets:
Unfortunately Nocturne is not wheelchair accessible.
Presented by 132 Productions & Darker Side of Light Productions

Crushed generation, forgotten generation, bored generation, burnt out generation! Is there only noise left to awaken our wrath? Three years after LOST IN A LOST WORLD, The french cyberpunks CHRYSALIDE, switch on the defibrillator once again and spill their guts out with a futuristic, urban, aggressive, raw and deliberately disturbing album: DON'T BE SCARED, IT'S ABOUT LIFE. Brace yourself for a flood of digicore noise, moshbass, industrial hip hop, hardcore vocals and offensive surrealistic ambiances. 21st century ‘s fresh industrial music !!!”

Founded in Toronto in 1998, Nanochrist are a 4-piece electronic metal band in the vein of KMFDM, Fear Factory, and Nine Inch Nails.

"Erase thy Sky", Nanochrist's sixth CD, was recorded and mixed in the band's studio, The TARDIS, in Toronto, Canada in early 2012. It moves away from the dissonance and longer, prog-ish compositions of their earlier albums, evolving into shorter, more concise and digestable songs, without losing any of the complexity, heaviness, and intensity that defines the Nanochrist sound.

Nanochrist was originally conceived by guitarist Mike Bryant as a studio-only project. They made the transition to playing live with the release of their fourth album, "Mythelectronicon". Since then, Nanochrist has played many shows, touring Canada from coast to coast.

"As insane, twisted and bizarre as Mr. Bungle and Strapping Young Lad... Strangely tripping across the edge... suitable for those embarking on a trip to the Twilight Zone." -Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles

Peter Turns Pirate
Peter Turns Pirate (PTP), a solo artist based out of Toronto Canada, has been evolving his craft since 2004. His shows guide the viewer into a world of imagination and intrigue. Known for his theatrical and dramatic live setting, Peter Turns Pirate transforms the stage into his
own playground. PTP has toured Ontario, Canada for the past four years and continues to entice audiences broad. Some of his influences include such acts as Nine Inch Nails, Mindless Self Indulgence, Marilyn Manson and Michael Jackson. His music is a mesh of metal, electronics, pop, ambient and experimental influences. His shows include eclectic wardrobe selections along with special effects that illuminate each of his performances. Peter Turns Pirate is a true spectacle that cannot be missed.
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